When a window and doorframe installer chooses 2 mm thick steel profiles for the window and doorframes on his own home, it confirms it is the right choice for a strong frame that guarantees high level security and excellent heat and soundproofing.

His home is above his workshop and part of a larger complex of production activities; a very noisy area where the good proofing on the window and doorframes is essential.

The property is situated in Seregno in the province of Milan, and is built with a modern reinterpretation of the traditional architectural style: iron railings, openwork stone, steel and wood.

THE INTERIORS: it is a double-storey building with a central focal element – the stairway and fireplace which all the family life revolves around. On the first floor there is the living area and on the second floor there is a balcony with a steel corridor that passes between the bedrooms. Light plays a fundamental role and there are very large windows with lifting, sliding openings: measuring approx. 3.40 x 2.60. The external cladding of the horizontal structures gives continuity to the different floors.

STEEL: has been used for the window and doorframes, the stairs and the corridor.

THE WINDOW AND DOORFRAMES: have a very important role in the home, being that of a professional installer, who wanted only the best in terms of materials and type of profile; very thick 2 mm plate, excellent quality alloy that is used without reducing anything of the large windows.

Marzia Urettini

Acciaio Arte Architettura N. 33