The internal renovation of the head offices of Gas, the clothing trade mark owned by Grotto S.p.A. in Chiuppano (Vicenza), did not just aim at improving office efficiency but also the transformation of the Veneto premises from a factory to management offices.

Therefore the interiors had to be totally redesigned, freeing all the rooms of any non-structural walls and partitions, to then move the new operations into the building, which is no longer a factory but a sales and communications area which is perfect for the new Gas sales strategy and brand.

Therefore, with these assumptions the designers from Studio C+ reorganised the spaces and operations, placing the showroom in the centre of the building, moving it down from its previous location on the top floor.

This way the spacious showroom has become the heart of the firm with three luminous cubes, eachone similar to a transparent shop that overlook the large square where people meet and speak one to another.


The starting point was to build self-bearing walls that could house proper independent “shops” inside, used as sales areas and showrooms; in collaboration with Visplay (Vitra Group), the planners designed a system comprising a steel joint which acts as structural node for walls or screens on self-bearing structures to create the merchandising areas and other internal spaces.

Partitions, screens, separations, cabins, self-bearing structures that are easily made for any sort of use and, with the right calculations, can even reach considerable sizes.

This system allowed preparing all the internal and external walls in Plexiglas so that they are equipped to carry varying weights and equipment.

The led lighting with changing colours, exalts further the scenographic effect of the cubes, reminding the double rainbow, the logo and the symbol of Gas.

They are attached to the ground by a metal section, which holds both the Plexiglas slabs and the lighting, prepared to support all the different floor levels.

The structural steel node designed by Studio C+ has altered the current production system: the current product application involves installing the device on the wall in just one direction with the sole function of support for shelves and accessories, however the new system is extremely flexible and gives an excellent structural and design result and is perfect for any sort of use.

Marzia Urettini

Acciaio Arte Architettura N. 30