Restoration in a modern style

Location: Treviso, Italy
Project: Development of an ancient firm
Photos: Daniele Fregonese
This restoration work is surrounded by the luxuriant green countryside of the Veneto foothills.

It was a very delicate operation where there was no space for errors so only the best choices could be made.

The master house is distinguished by four sliding steel doors with a stabilised rust finish.

This finish blends in perfectly with the Eregal stone and sand that have been used, which faithfully recall the colours of the countryside.

The large French windows (rising system) are a fixed feature of the project to guarantee as much light as possible inside.

The choice of steel was fundamental for this.

In fact, steel played a very important role both for its excellent performance (the 3×2.50 meter high frames could not have been made using any other material) and for the modern and refined style that it gives to the renovation.

The part of the building that overlooks the garden has two windows that open by 180°, which perfectly fold back over their frame when they are open so there are no bothersome bulky volumes.

Steel is extremely discreet and fits in perfectly with any historic context.

It guarantees long-life that is beyond compare with no need for maintenance work, for a perfect long lasting result with no risks of having to make any future adjustments or adaptations.

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