Among vineyards

Location: Sagrado, Gorizia
Designer: Arch. Paolo Bornello
Project: Renovation of an ancient farm
Steel profiles for doors and windows: Palladio Spa, Treviso
Steel works: Axer Group, Treviso
Photos: Roberto Ciani Bassetti
The Castelvecchio Farm is located just above Sagrado (Gorizia), where the Carso region offers some striking and peaceful nooks.

Here, the landscape’s beauty, coming from the noble and ancient origins of these places, is also marked by a well-known historically difficult soil that is dry at the surface and rocky underneath, but capable to offer fructuous harvest, thanks to the tenacious work of man. The master house is the heart of the estate that spreads across large vineyards and woods.

The intervention foresaw the insertion of a new wing on the building, a real green house that recalls and modernizes the idea of a garden in the winter.

The greenhouse was designed according to anti-intrusion safety measures and energy saving concept as concerns the location’s heating and cooling systems.

Thanks to the inner capability of steel, which is easy to weld and match, the steel components could satisfy the needs and creativity of the architect and designer. That way, the knots and finishing were studied and customized whilst maintaining the geometric essentiality of the knot and the thickness of the supporting profile: exactly as an old “iron-window”

The research in the study of the details was aimed at combining the historical image that the designer wanted to recreate with the compulsory performances that the modern window and doorframes must guarantee. In the greenhouse and winter garden structures, the window and the doorframes almost completely cover the perimeter surfaces; therefore, a careful realization and, above all, the assembling of the window and doorframes, connecting to the adjacent structures and the foundation base, are a fundamental issue to guarantee the success of the intervention over time.

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