The new steel concept for doors and windows

The new concept for doors and windows where the steel is the only protagonist.

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The window, implemented using sturdy steel profiles 2mm thick, is equipped with an auto-ventilation system which works with the window closed and increases significantly its thermal and acoustic insulation.
Thanks to the sealing potential of steel, we can achieve very high standards of protection against break-ins – Class 5, the higher level of protection for doors and windows – hermetic protection against flooding and the best attainable performances when it comes to air tightness and resistance to wind pressure.
The heart of the window is in steel: sturdy tubular profiles incredibly slim; however the finishing can be applied to the internal and external sides at a further stage, using any other material, in a simple and cost effective way.
In addition to the painting in any color of the RAL range and the beloved satinized inox, steel ideally can be matched with any material, such as hard wood species, corean, copper, corten steel or brass.
This way the steel window becomes a body shell, a strong skeleton which keeps mechanic functionality and performances unaltered over time. In the same time, just like with a tailor’s dummy, its dress can be changed according to the buyer’s aesthetical needs or the building’s use, or whenever it is required. This opens the way to customization and invention freedom as never seen before.

At the early stages of a building, employing this construction method, using steel profiles which become a false frame on site, is highly beneficial both to the architect and the end user, to the builder and the window builder. Summing up:

Advantages for the architect/end user:
- Freedom of window customization, by adopting the finishing that better suits the interior (even if for the outside of the building a specific finishing is required by law or regulation);
- No problems for the approval of the exterior materials in restorations;
- Easy and cost effective maintenance even after decades of use or for changed aesthetical needs;
- Possibility to check air tightness, flood sealing and weather sealing from the start of the construction works, with the opportunity to take immediate action against possible seepages, before the buyer starts using the building, as it often happens;
- Countless combinations of colors and materials for the finishing, which can be chosen also at the end of the works, even after the laying of the floors or of other elements that will aesthetically mark the setting.

Advantages for the window builder:
- The window acts also as “false frame”;
- The window is cost effective and easy to build in the workshop because at this stage it does not require a thorough finishing;
- On site hardware can be fitted quickly and in a practical way;
- Frames can be cut and built in standard sizes;
- All silicone seals are ruled out;
- Invoicing and cashing of most of the price can be done at the beginning of the works, and not left until the construction site closure.

Advantages for the builder:
- The window is cost effective and handy to move, because, being in the raw, it does not require particular care;
- The false frame can be used as real window, however it does not cause problems on site because it is only a steel skeleton, which will be finished at the end of the works;
- The use of onsite hardware (bolts and alike) allows the handling of the windows without fear of damage;
- It makes it possible to work onsite in any season (avoiding winter halts);
- It makes it possible to set and activate the alarm already at the first fix stage of the building works, allowing safer working conditions;
- It makes it possible to install an industrial heating system to dry up walls, lofts etc.;
- Allowances are available to insure the construction site.

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