Loft in Paris

Location: Paris
Designer: LLA - Luca Landolfi Architecture - 5, Rue de Crussol, Paris
Project: Loft
Project manager: Luca Landolfi Architecture
Time of construction: 2008
Photographs: Raùl Candalès
A former 1950’s warehouse forms part of a large operation of restoration and transformation of ex-industrial pavilions.

The building has now become a photographer’s studio-loft: it provides the normal functional requirements of a living space whilst preserving features typical of an industrial building.
The use of suitable materials, in the main, steel, has transformed the loft into a space adapted to modern living requirements.
Large steel girders break up a geometry that would otherwise be too severe, and join traces of the past to the spirit of a new house: a mezzanine has also been built with two steel U-girders welded together and a “raft” made of 9 IPN girders welded onto 3 IPN girders, all in steel.
There has been particular attention paid to bio-climatic issues and to thermal insulation, and entirely ecological and natural materials have been used.

Marzia Urettini
Acciaio Arte Architettura 38