Out with noise

Noise annoys us and makes our social life difficult. It can cause deafness, hypertension, sleep disorders in people who are constantly subjected to it.

It makes towns and cities impossible to live in. Therefore we must learn to get rid of it, at least within our own homes.
It is well known that one of the main points involved is the window, and for this reason it becomes indispensable to create a barrier that reduces noise, especially if the home is in industrial zones, near very busy roads or in particularly chaotic urban centres.
The sound-proofing capacity of a fixture is the result of a series of requirements that, if correctly respected, allows you to stem even the most troublesome noises.
Among these are the robustness of the profile, the connection type and the type of opening as well as correct mounting. A decisive factor in determining the soundproofing performance is still, however, the material. The higher the mass, the better the soundproofing. For this reason, the use of steel in fixtures is the best choice for frames of a high specific weight that are suitable for reducing unwanted noise to a minimum.
A fundamental principle to avoid compromising the work’s success is still, however, that of the closed joint as anywhere that air passes so, inevitably, does noise. For this reason joints should be welded and not squared. The tubes used for the fixture must have gasket-holding slots and must be able to support a certain thickness of glass with a particular PVB film.
Faced with this series of requirements, steel is once more proven to be the best material for realising high-performance soundproofing frames while allowing each architectural solution to establish its own dialogue with the natural environment that surrounds it.

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