Luminous geometry

Location: Bari
Designer: Studio Tecnico Assoaciato Prof. Ing. Fulvio Resta, Ing. Rosa Colella, Ing. Alessandro Binetti
Project: new headquaters IL QUADRATO srl - VOLVO-AUTOTREND srl
Time of construction: 2001-2003
Structural work: Debar costruzioni srl - Bari
Skylight roof system: Palladio SpA, San Biagio di Callalta, Treviso
Photos: Art snc Antonio e Roberto Tartaglione - Bari
The plan for the office and industrial complex in Bari involved finding a new interpretationfor the industrial “workplace” conditions in terms, of safety and comfort which, in the end, mean better efficiency and productivity.

The project solved the problems, leaving aside the normal industrial layouts, which would have involved separating the production areas from the offices, by experimenting with a new joining of the buildings, which aimed at exploiting the building area to the utmost and confirmed the principle of complete integration between the various activities, whilst maintaining them clearly distinguishable in terms of both form and functionality, creating a single block measuring 53×63 meters, for a covered area of 3,800 sq.m.
The exemplary awareness of the Client meant that certain proposals were totally accepted, which were very innovative for this type of construction, regarding the organization of the buildings around an inner courtyard that is partly covered, creating an ecosystem inspired by bio-climatic principles, forming an area of 15x15m. inside the block, with openings on the ground floor and a skylight in the roof which activates the rising ventilation in the summer and exploits the greenhouse effect in the winter. The ventilated skylight guarantees that all the rooms that overlook the courtyard have all the needed lighting and air exchange.
The bearing structure is an independent framework in reinforced concrete and steel on uneven surface foundations. The ceilings are traditional for small spans (up to 5 m.) and prefabricated honeycomb for the large spans (up to 10 m.).
The roof for the two sheds is made from prefabricated girders in reinforced pre-compressed concrete, measuring app. 20 m., which the prefabricated honeycomb ceiling elements are placed on.
The skylight roof for the square was constructed with the Stabalux system, exclusive of Palladio SpA. The use of steel profiles which serve for both the structure and waterproofing of the openings, together with an intrados tie-beam system of steel bars and counter-frames that recall the idea of two “Polanceau” trusses, situated along the diagonal line of the square and the intersecting in the center, give exceptional strength to the pyramid shaped structure and overall lightness to the skylight roof.

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