Magic alchemy

Designer: Diego Chilò, Sarcedo (VI)
Project: Chiarofonte
Factory: Venini, Murano (VE)
Photos: Giustino Chemello
Chiarofonte was conceived by the famous glassworks in Murano, with an expert new interpretation of the thousand years’ skill of Murano expert glassblowers

to show how antique Venetian knowledge can still provide unexpected poetic ideas, albeit with a contemporary style.
A unique example, with a rounded and symmetrical shape in blown glass on a milk glass base in shades of grey, all strictly made by hand.
A work of art that is part of the historic Venini archives, the result of constant determined design research. There are numerous encounters with craftsmen and specialised engineers in metal, addressed to scientific investigation of simple intuitions. The final outcome is a surprising alchemy: slender, irregular steel haloes, calculated in a geometric shape and made with cutting edge engineering technology, incorporated with a studied casual ease in the layers of glass during the production process.
The idea to use steel was given by the desire to find a material able to maintain the shape that was given when “cold”, even when the glass was being processed, thanks to the thermal dilation steel has which is very similar to that of glass.
A creation that goes beyond traditional canons and bears witness to the amazing ability of steel to adapt to unusual combinations to create synergies that are beyond compare.
Two totally different souls that are blended together where, with delicate shades and soft lines, distinctive marks overlap to produce unusual patterns and to give the composition a fascinating colour effect.
A universe of unrepeatable colours and shapes that decrees Venini’s success once again, a microcosm for lovers of refined elegance and details, where creativity has taken over and technology just keeps up with its pace.

Erica Gaggiato
Acciaio Arte Architettura 44