The song of matter

Location: Museo Macro, Roma
Designer: Arcangelo Sassolino
Project: stainless steel artistic-engineering installation
Photos: Altrospazio Roma e Pamela Randon
icona_2 Arcangelo Sassolino from Vicenza is one of the most interesting of Italian authors, and he has decided once again to challenge the borderline of matter, removing it from the interior and taking it to its extreme.

Piccolo animism is a work of engineering and poetry, fully cognate to his previous works, which recreates a dialogue and a much closer bond with the place it was conceived for: the Enel Macro Hall, the new museum in Rome.
The work encloses all the post-industrial tension of architecture, and it work exalts and is nourished by its “container”.
The installation is preceded by Untitled (2006/2007), a black and white video where an enormous industrial remain is removed from its habitat, and seems a stylised mechanical octopus which, with its slow painful movements, contracts in its attempt to find itself an opening, grasping at nothing, and it reawakens a sort of empathy with the spectators, who feel pity for the pain it is suffering: the same “mechanical poetics” that we find again in this new work inside the hall.
Piccolo animism is a large parallepiped made from stainless steel sheets welded to each other, a monolith that is only apparently static.
Through a cycle of injecting and subtracting pressurised air, the volume of the work breathes and changes. Once again the matter is taken to its extreme, discovering new and unexpected forms and sounds, sounds that are created by fiction, impact, collapse, pressure and decompression reveal a matter that sings, and suddenly thunders – it is alive.
The spectator is carried along by the nervousness of the mechanics, experiencing personal emotive tension, feeling vulnerable and anxiously waiting for the action, the change and the song.
“Through this sculpture, I create a phenomenon where conscience and reason react when the action happens or has already happened. If you want to experience it again, you must wait for the next action and in the meantime there is just the memory of the previous one and expectation of what is to come”.

Chiara Centineo
Acciaio Arte Architettura 47