The steel profile like a tailor-made suit

Location: Cattolica
Project: private house
Client: private
Local associates: Profili Associati
Steel profiles for façades: Palladio Spa, Treviso, Italia
Windows and doorframes: Marini s.a.s.
Photos: Paolo Belvedere
The steel profile seen like a tailor-made suit to be created and shaped according to the needs of the site in any context. A true innovation in the window and doorframe industry.

In fact, Palladio SpA, apart from offering the wide range of profiles shown in its catalogue, is now able to collaborate with designers to create tailor-made profiles.
Thanks to the Sistema Fuori Standard Palladio®, the production is carried out the same as standard production, despite the fact that a customized service is being supplied. It is a sophisticated system that meets the special needs not included in the large selection of a traditional system. The system consists of the realization of profiles with different sizes, shapes, thicknesses and materials. Know-how and resources have to be applied to carry out, together with the designer, the most ambitious drawings: not only particular profiles, but steel and glass solutions for “unfeasible” projects to which any designer aspires.
Thanks to the use of steel, and not other materials used in making window and doorframes that can be designed and procuded only atthe industrial level, it is possible to create something unique and new that makes the designer an innovative researcher.
Despite steel being easily produced at the industrial level, it can be moulded by the designer to even meet the customers’ most special requests. Due to the closeness of the sea, the particularity of the interventions consists of having chosen, from the large family of stainless steel, INOX PT® AISI 316 for windows and door frames. This steel is especially used in nautical industry because it provides the best performances for resistance to corrosion as well as protection from salt water contact.
Therefore, the project met the aesthetic needs because the thickness of profiles allowed large glass surfaces, as well as the functional needs, such as its sturdiness, burglar-proof qualities and sealed windows and doorframes. And, even though it was tailor-made, its cost and production were within the standard procedures while guaranteeing a customized result.

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