Olimpia Biasi

Designer: Olimpia Biasi
… where the gods breathe

Born in the province of Treviso, she studied at the Venice Art Institute with the masters of Veneto Spatialism, Bacci and Gaspari.
She enrolled with the Faculty of Architecture, but soon began painting and teaching art in the state schools.
Her debut as an expressionist is marked by her accentuated use of colour, which has always been one of the distinctive traits of her creative style.
She works on topics that are concentric to everyday life or which enter the sphere of her travels: “Windows”, “Markets”, “Funfair”, “Inventories of memory”, “Mermaids’ song”, “Aeolian Isles”, “Luna-tropic- at -Maracaibo”, “Greetings from…”, “Book of hours in a garden on the banks of the Sile”, “Portraits”, “Postcards and pipedreams”, “Blind man’s bluff”, “Earth Gardens, Canvas Gardens”, “Retablos”, “Volcanoes”.
They are dreamily narrated epic tales, often prevaricated with strong strokes of colour that recall hidden images from the memory, or they are large sheets of paper (150×100 cm) full of scene designs, drawn with pencil lines: a logbook of everyday life, a modest poetry of people and things, familiar places, mixed with literary images taken from Greek myth.
An inquisitive experimenter in a wide range of techniques, she has worked on murals, frescoes, pottery, glass, engraving, book illustrations, posters (hers is the Comisso ’84-’85 poster), wall and floor mosaics.

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