Magnificent reflections

Location: Keppel Bay, Singapore
Designer: Daniel Libeskind, Studio Daniel Libeskind
Project: housing complex
Project team: DCA Architects PTE LTD, Architects of Record; Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner (S.E. Asia) Pte Ltd; T.Y. LIN International, Civil Engineer; Hargreaves Associates+Sitetectonix, Landscape Architect; LPA, Lighting Designer; R.A. Heinteges & Associates, Curtain Wall Consultant;
Client: Keppel Land International
Completion date: 2011
Photographs: Photo Courtesy of Keppel Bay Pte Ltd-a Keppel Land Company
Six curved towers all facing different directions, an unusual play of different heights, luxuriant gardens, open spaces and spectacular surroundings.

In short, this is the residential complex “Reflections at Keppel Bay”, designed by Daniel Libeskind and rapidly becoming the new architectural icon in Singapore.
The project involves two different types of homes, which overlook the historic port of Keppel bay. The six large curved and glazed towers are the fulcrum of this unusual project, which range from 24 to 41 storeys high, and 11 apartment blocks of 6 to 8 storeys, for a total of 1129 units. The artistic layout of the towers, thanks to the practical openings that are created between the buildings, means the inhabitants can enjoy the beautiful panorama and exploit all the natural light and the wellbeing offered by the apartments. The expert play of heights and perspectives mean that each storey is a unique experience, because it is never perfectly aligned with the storeys beneath. A fundamental evolution in the concept of living in large residential complexes because, even though the project extends over an area of 185,000 square meters, needs for individuality and privacy are not sacrificed, rather, they are perfectly expressed in this elegant and unusual setting.
The structural elements in glass and steel have transformed the project into a “reflecting” complex, the keystone concept which is also shown in the name of the project “Reflections at Keppel Bay”.
The towers are surrounded by green parks and crowned with luxuriant gardens on the roofs, and they are joined by aerial bridges that create very fascinating platforms which give an exceptional view of the Sentosa seafront and the Gulf of Mount Faber. These architectural choices not only qualify the spaces aesthetically, but they help the structure to keep the internal microclimate under control. The result is a lively and intercommunicating district that encourages the social spirit, where the uniqueness of each apartment is emphasised by the suggestive location that the architect has managed to establish a dynamic relationship with.
A combination of sinuous and elegant forms, where Daniel Libeskind has created a residential complex that fully expresses his style, with the project idea dialoguing with the matters of sustainability, aesthetics with functions. An artistic composition where none of the apartments are suffocated by the others, creating a sensation of extreme freedom towards the poetic natural landscape.

Erica Gaggiato
Acciaio Arte Architettura 50