Safety horizon

Location: Trieste
Designer: Biasi Bonomini Vairo Architetti
Project: Casa F
Client: private
Collaboration: Dogma
Building contractor: Costruzioni Edili Pascon
Steel profile for doors and windows: Palladio Spa, Treviso
Steel works: Costruzioni metalliche S.n.c. di Giorgio e Giuliano Maffei
Photos: Marco Zanta
Situated along the beautiful Trieste coastline, there is a wonderful villa with clean and modern lines that reveals all its beauty to the challenging sea

protected by the luxuriant vegetation and concealed from the idle gaze of curious onlookers.
It is built on different levels and dates back to the beginning of the ‘70s, and by partially demolishing some of the previous building and reorganising the interior layout, a new life is given that gradually opens to the natural and manmade landscape. The renovation project aims at breaking up the longstanding balance between the very rough and constantly changing landscape and modern rationalisation, by implementing an extremely expressive contemporary style.
The new entrance to the house is now on the bottom rather than the intermediate floor, and leads to the base of this minimalist home. The large sliding glass doors in the living room on the ground floor separate and join the living room, kitchen and dining room, while vertically the space develops like a coil with the four bedrooms and bathrooms opening off a spiral staircase onto the top floors.
A project that expertly restores the link with the fascinating landscape, thanks to the large sliding and tilting window frames, which allow all the natural light to flow inside. The use of steel means the window frames become a true furnishing accessory and guarantee excellent and enduring opening and closing operations.
A renovation project whose fascination lies partly in the isolated position of the house, which emphasises the pressing need to guarantee anti-break in safety. In fact, by using steel, the frames are reduced in size but do not compromise the safety levels, and guarantee excellent living quality without any unattractive iron bars. Strength and extreme anti-break in security also mean that sliding tilting frames can be installed with their wonderfully clean lines and exceptional insulation features, allowing the maximum amount of light to flow in, as dictated by contemporary design which requires airiness and transparency wherever possible. Furthermore, given the vicinity of the sea, the best stainless steel alloy has been used: INOX PT®AISI 316 L, because it guarantees the highest standards in terms of rust resistance and protection from the brackish atmosphere.
The white painted surfaces, the reflection from the white concrete and Carrara marble floor, the organisation of the floors on three different levels, the shiny stainless steel frames, all help to create a very bright and open atmosphere, that gradually leads to the terrace overlooking the sea, while the few wooden details give warmth to the design. The entire project, from the architecture to the interiors, is distinguished by its refined simplicity, creating very rarefied atmospheres and harmoniously blending the home into the stunning Trieste coastline in the most subtle of ways.
A home that was designed to meet the panorama, breaking down the barriers between inside and out and allowing all the shades of the sea to flow inside.

Erica Gaggiato
Acciaio Arte Architettura 11