Shodōe matter

Designer: Studio Nendo Tokyo
Project: Pezzi d'arredo Thin Black Line
Year of construction: 2011
Photos: Masayuki Hayashi
NENDO, in Japanese means “freely modelled clay”.

This meaning perfectly explains the flexible approach that the Nendo Tokyo Studio applies to its projects, an unconventional way of considering design, calling on the most different of fields.
This is how Thin Black Line: 29 furnishing items* was conceived.
An ironic play with visual perception that empties space of its three dimensionality, making it become a clean white sheet, where, by means of a black iron rod, vases, chairs, lamps and tables are designed “with strokes of Indian ink”.
A reference to Shodō, the ancient Japanese art of calligraphy, using an extruded iron rod to redesign the surroundings for these hallucinatory items, which emerge in space that is knowingly articulated more by the “emptiness” rather than the “fullness”, true to the most ancient of Japanese traditional cultures.

Chiara Centineo
Acciaio Arte Architettura 50