Home on the slopes of Mount Grappa

Location: Treviso
Designer: Studio Filippin
Project: Casa privata
Steel profiles for doors and windows: Palladio SpA, Treviso
Steel works: www.marchea.it
Photos: Totò Livuzza
The choice of the architects for this new house considered the previous constructions in the area and the landscape for the new building.

For the project, the traditional rural architectural style is combined with the wish for something “new” on these mountain slopes, where stone and wood fully express the deep-rooted traditions of the landscape.
The building highlights a wealth of composition based on the dialogue between the materials used: the stone side walls enclose and act as counterpoint for the wood that covers the façades on the ground floor, and the minimalist contemporary steel structure with corten style finish.
The façades have very different features: the south facing front recalls the styles of old rural outbuildings, where the hay barn was on the top floor and opened towards the south, creating an architectonic space, which is now enclosed with large windows. Again on the south, the choice of wood to clad the façades on the ground floor again recalls the old corn stacks, where wooden planks were often used to close the sides. The west front is given by the architectural choices for the south face, with extensive use of stone with vertical and horizontal openings to allow the light to filter inside.
The east face has a much cleaner, modern style which penetrates the overall rural style of the main building. The face is in brick and then painted in strong colours, acting as the base for the stone wall that is built up to the first floor. The north face contains the part of the building that projects outwards, with strip windows on the ground and first floors.
The desire to open the house and office to the surrounding landscape distinguishes this project, requiring the utmost transparency and continuity between inside and outside. This was made possible by emptying the first floor, with large windows running along the south and west sides to create continuity with the outside.
The new building is used for both a home and office. The home mainly extends over the ground floor, where there is an internal stairway that leads to the basement and a section of the first floor. The office is on the first floor, and is reached by a stairway on the northwest side, to ensure that the home and office remain independent and distinct.
Bioclimatic aspects played an important part in the design choices and the use of the materials, with cutting-edge technological plant installed to guarantee maximum efficiency and energy saving. The overall layout of the building, in its shape and orientation and the construction features, all consider bioclimatic architectural principles and the project perfectly achieves the goal of building a comfortable, healthy and ecofriendly construction.

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