An innovative project for Venini

Designer: Diego Chilò, Sarcedo (VI)
Project: Granduca
It is called Granduca, and is much more than a lamp

this new masterpiece designed by Venini is a true lighted sculpture, combining architecture, design, technology and tradition. The champion of the fascinating extra large suspension is the famous designer Diego Chilò. Granduca is obtained by combining a sinuous metal structure closely covered with hundreds of opal glass tiles, creating an unusual wrinkled effect that creates excellent technical lighting. The shape, which can measure between one and nine meters long, ideally recalls a waving cone in space, which encloses diversely lit areas inside. These alternating areas of light and shade suggest the idea of endless spatial movement, which is the distinguishing feature of this new, scenographic design. Each single glass tile, each scale on this enormous vitrified organism, plays with the shadows, adorned with chiaroscuro and projects figures onto the ceiling. Exemplary in function and technology, it is also prepared for the new light sources, becoming a leading player in any setting, even the most modern, asserting the contemporary personality of the creations from this Murano maison.

Acciaio Arte Architettura 52