Evolved simplicity

Location: Vicenza
Project: renovation of an ancient barn
Steel profiles for doors and windows: Palladio Spa, Treviso
Photos: Auge Editore
Surrounded by the quiet Vicenza countryside, a former barn has been given new life thanks to the crashing pace of evolution.

The priority of the renovation was to close the large porch of the original rural building, without disturbing the harmony between the interiors and nature outside.
The choice of technical solution fell on designing two large, virtually symmetrical windows, using very narrow steel profiles made from 2mm thick plate, which is strong enough to hold the overall weight of the windows. This idea wants to recall all the features of the ancient window irons, but with a totally contemporary performance. The frames have been made using a new aerated insulated profile, which satisfies the latest requirements of heat and sound insulation. The tubular profile is designed to enable the air to circulate inside it, and has a self-ventilation system that continues to work even when the window is closed, enabling the convection movement that forms to stop and disperse the heat or cold coming from outside.
The distinctive feature of the renovation is the width of the fixed and opening windows. In fact, for purely technical-functional reasons, the opening part normally tends to be larger than the fixed part of the frame, but in this case there is no difference in size. Moreover, the plinth at the base of the frame and the respective transoms have a distinctive uniformity, which demonstrates the extreme care to detail that has been paid, which is typical of 100% Italian style.
A simple, linear design that stands out for the coy brightness of the paint used for the frames: a sober, deep red that blends in perfectly with the setting, without compromising the elegant minimalism of the renovation overall.
A design solution that scrupulously enumerates all the new structural imperatives for perfectly constructed frames, where steel, a certain choice, is reaffirmed in the name of a harmonious, delicate and permeating relationship with nature.

Erica Gaggiato
Acciaio Arte Architettura 52