Framed in the rock

Location: Vilar - Castro Daire, Portugal
Designer: Inês Cortesão
Project: CLARA HOUSE – Renovation for residential purposes
Design team: Luís Bonito, Marco dos Santos
Client: Privato / Private client
Completion: 2008
General contractors: António Morais Pereira, Manuel Pinto Costa
Photographs: FG+SG – Fernando Guerra, Sérgio Guerra
At the end of a narrow alley in a small village in Portugal, the hamlet embraces Casa Clara.

Casa Clara is a total renovation of an ancient and typical stone house, which has been converted into a holiday home.
The renovation began by removing and emptying the house of all previous elements, and integrating a plastered brick building into the original golden granite construction, where the bathroom and kitchen have been created.
The interiors of this splendid house in golden stone have been designed by matching traditional and modern materials: stone, stucco, chestnut wood and steel for the window frames.
To lighten and restore balance to the impressive and, often, massive walls, openings have been made in the rock, which are redesigned with white painted steel frames which, given their very slender lines, allow as much light as possible to flow inside.
The same slender frames have also been used on the large doors that close the patio which overlooks the hamlet.
The roof has been made in a manner to perfectly emphasise the overall harmony of the construction: white straw tiles, giving great distinction to this house within its surroundings while blending in perfectly.
By means of traditional construction principles and processes and the use of green and modern materials, the Casa Clara project gives an impression of contemporary style in an ancient traditional village set in the mountains.

Chiara Centineo
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