Green house botanical garden

Location: Zürich, Switzerland
Designer: idA Architekten, Architecture from Switzerland, Zürich, Switzerland
Project: New pavilion Grüningen botanical garden
Photos: Markus Bertschi
The Grüningen is one of the many botanical gardens in Zürich, about twenty kilometres from the city centre.

The new pavilion was designed for the sub-tropical plants and is situated in the wood that surrounds the main buildings.
The design is based on the “character” of the location; both the formal lines and the structural design reflect organic geometry.
The wood has been extended with four steel “structural trees” situated about four meters from each other, and like a Gothic column, the ribbing that forms the trunk of the columns branches out as it rises upwards to create the roof structure that an ethereal glazed membrane is placed on.
To verify both the relationship with the surroundings and the construction needs, the composition system relied on a mathematical control of the space using the Voronoi diagram.
All the geometries, including the roof, are based on this rule, while a second skin anchored to the steel structure, closes and divides the interior space.
«Making architect more human means (…) a much vaster functionalism than a purely technical one. This goal can only be achieved (…) by creating and combining different technical elements so that they guarantee mankind as harmonious a life as possible.»
(Alvar Aalto, 1960)

By Marco Scarpa

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