Studio Von Gerkan: the new Frankfurt Airport

Location: Frankfurt (Germany)
Designer: Meinhard von Gerkan and Jürgen Hillmer
Project: ampliamento del Gate A – aeroporto di Francoforte/Extension of Gate A in Frankfurt Airport
Structural design: Weber and Poll Consulting Engineers
Mechanical and electrical services: Arup GmbH
Client: Fraport AG
Construction period 2007 - 2012
In October 2012 the new Gate A in Frankfurt Airport was officially opened, designed by Studio Von Gerkan, Marg and Partners – gmp.

The new airport extension of 185,000 square meters will enable increasing the traffic of Airbus A 380 and Boeing B 747-8, which carry approximately 6 million passengers every year.
This grand project focuses on three main aims: the “conceptual” integration of the new building into the entire complex, without altering its identity, the compliance with the new EU passenger safety regulations and the creation of a new shopping centre and lounge.
The project for this linking Marketplace area is called “the root”, a circular space surrounded by shops, restaurants and bars, with a truncate cone glazed roof, which allows all the natural lighting to flow in and gives a view of the sky.
Transparency, light and natural materials like stone, steel and wood, make this a pleasant and relaxing new space, where passengers can comfortably while away the time while waiting for their flight.

Marzia Urettini
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