A green break in the city

Location: Birmingham, UK
Designer: Patel Taylor/ Allain Provost
Project: Eastside City Park
Client: Birmingham City Council
Engineer: Arup Associates
Contractor: Wates
Fotografie: ©Timothy Soar
Together with the French architect Allain Provost, Patel Taylor has revolutionised the heart of the second largest city in England designing the new and fascinating Eastside City Park.

A quite green break running through the Eastside district of Birmingham, a very important improvement project that is part of the much large renewal process of the Big City Plan.
The design of this important project follows the same logical and geometric thread of the district, where hints of nature and corners of the city unwind along a rational and harmonious sequence of spaces. The grey urban industrial zone used to be used for purely commercial purposes, but has been reborn with a new soul to become an attractive, unusual destination to relax in and enjoy the colours and perfumes of the landscape.
The Eastside City Park is in a strategic area of the city and well served by public transport, and offers long cycle tracks hoping to discourage the use of cars and invite all its visitors to enjoy the nature it offers.
The unusual feature of the project is that when travelling the length of the park the visitor finds a continuous narration, but while travelling the width there is a very attractive and unexpected green relaxation area.
Coupe de théâtre in the dynamic alternation of geometry, form and colour, are the graceful corten steel sculptures which, with their elegance, give the park an artistic touch that enhances the overall perception even further. The rusty shade of the steel creates a warm and intense atmosphere, giving the sculptures the unmistakeable colour which is distinctive of many masterpieces. The use of steel, cut in a way to look like lace, and so lightweight, perfectly blends into the surroundings without disturbing the natural colours, complying with the principles that guided Patel Taylor’s project idea: enduring materials, high level quality and ecofriendly.
The long green walk that accompanies visitors to discover this genuine interaction between nature, architecture and man, highlights the unusual topographic, historic and formal bonds that unite the park and city in an ongoing synergy.

Erica Gaggiato
Acciaio Arte Architettura 53