A solitary battle

Designer: Arcangelo Sassolino
Photographs: Pamela Randon
Arcangelo Sassolino and the emotive tension he creates around his work.

Because that is what it is. Tension dictated by the uncertainty of what is often incomprehensible, but makes it so attractive. Works that are not functional but function, and whose beauty is just that. Items reduced to the minimum, with all purely aesthetic features removed, idiom of the most minimalist design.
Through mechanical and structural changes we are looking at something that seems to be the development of an immense creature, the mechanical spider we found so exciting in 2007.
With the arm and bucket of an excavator, through an intense study of the forces (pressure, gravity, friction), of its physical presence and through very precise technological redesign, Arcangelo has created a totally new life even in terms of its forms.
The three parts of the arm have been reassembled, and each of the pistons in the three parts moves independently, generating a new position each time they move. Arms which autonomously dig the floor from each other, reach up and rend the air and, when they reach a certain position, which is never the same, find a new balance and slowly move the weight of the work. Placidly but endlessly moving elements, without escape or peace, chained to each other but each one fighting a solitary battle.
Titans who, with their beautiful strength, attract us, and we watch powerless at this battle not knowing how it will end.

Chiara Centineo
Acciaio Arte Architettura 53