Saracen harmony

Location: Ostuni, Italy
Designer: Luca Zanaroli Architect
Project: Renovation and extension of a Saracen trullo in the Ostuni countryside
Completion Date: 2011
Client: Private
Steel profiles for doors and windows: Palladio SpA, Treviso
Serramentista: Gafa Infissi Srl (BR)
Photografie: Chiara Cadeddu
A beautiful wood of centuries old olive and almond trees in the typical Salento setting are the background for this splendid project.

The Saracen trullos were the typical rural homes around Ostuni, and this abandoned one and an adjacent Iamia, a typical rural outbuilding, whose outer walls were the only things remaining, have been recovered and extended, but without changing the balance between full and empty, air and matter which have taken over their rightful position in this magical location.
This challenging project was accepted and overcome by the Architect Luca Zanaroli.
The two previous buildings have been joined by a new, rear, lowered building with a very simple shape. Beneath the shell of ancient rocks and concrete, this “hinge” between old and new is distinctive for the large empty spaces: large steel openings that let the ancient stones the building stands on breathe, giving continuity between inside and out.
Organic, essential language, which on one hand breaks away from the past style and forms a contrast with its context, enhancing the perception of the former buildings, on the other gives continuity between matter and colour, inside and out and the blending of the different forms, styles and languages in total harmony.
In the interiors, minimalist furnishings are integral with the building, characterised by colours and materials like rough and oxidised iron, which perfectly blend into the rural setting without altering its features, rather, enhancing them.

Chiara Centineo
Acciaio Arte Architettura 53