Villa Zaguri

Location: Limena (PD)
Designer: Ing. Fabio Zecchin
Project: Villa Zaguri
Windows and doorframes: Maffei Costruzioni Metalliche, Ariano Polesine (RO)
Glazing: Magon Vetro, Lendinara (RO)
Steel Profiles: Palladio Spa, TV
Villa Zaguri is a wonderful and monumental complex dating back to the XVI century in Altichiero, a suburb of Padua.

The villa used to be the holiday home for the noble Zaguri family, famous “men of arms and letters” of the Serenissima Republic. The exact date the villa was built is unknown, but the first land and building register records date it around the second half of the 1500s. Since the early 90s the villa has been privately owned.

It has a typical layout for its period, with a three storey central building, with two symmetrical side wings slightly set back and the Barchessa alongside. The rear façade of the villa, which used to be the main entrance, is adorned with an arched vaulted arcade facing the River Brenta, while the front façade overlooks the large gardens, the Veneto countryside and the main road.

Further to the recent renovation work, all the halls have been redesigned as multifunction spaces with state of the art infrastructures and equipment installed. Given the frequent events that are organized in the Barchessa (ideal venue for celebrations, wedding, receptions and meetings), it has been fitted with new steel window and doorframes that close the XVI arches meaning the interiors of the villa wings can also be used. The design and distribution of the frames recovers the original geometry of the arches, for example by inserting the frame crosspiece along the arch springer line, this way dividing the curved transom window from the opening and fixed frames beneath.

The use of burnished steel profiles means the new frames blend into the historic setting while stating the modern nature of the work. Only a small section of the frame is on view, except for the sections containing the emergency doors, where the profile must be larger to enable housing the emergency handles and lock fittings for the doors. Safety glass has been used to guarantee utmost anti-burglar safety.

By Alice Acoleo and Giulia Sartor

Acciaio Arte Architettura 54