ZAVA The Metal Roots

Designer: Enrico Azzimonti, Lorenzo Damiani, Delineodesign-Giampaolo Allocco, Paolo Ulian
Project: ZAVA The Metal Roots
Concept: Massimo Rosati
Layout project: Delineodesign
Steel works: Zava
Photos: Lea Anouchincsky
Four red containers, four designers, four different visions that harmoniously blend together in a single travelling itinerary: ZAVA The Metal Roots.

An exhibition project that is the result of the fellowship between ZAVA, a firm fascinated with knowledge and skill, and four designers who are joined not only by their long-standing friendship, but the passion and determination they put into their creations.

The project idea comprises four steel containers, lacquered bright glossy red on the outside – the ZAVA brand colour – and totally transformed inside. They tell the story of Italian creativity of traditions and innovation, of play and irony, a magic place where the meeting between craftsman and the designers generates an understanding that leads to the product, a creative workshop where the prototypes are perfected and the ideas gradually take shape.

The event takes place inside three blocks on the asphalt in a semicircle: two house the designers’ lighting projects, stores where the raw materials are stacked, while the third is the productive heart, recreating the atmosphere of an unusual mechanical workshop.

The tangible and visionary idea behind the setup, is the outcome of one of the most innovative branches of architecture: container architecture. Prefabricated, produced in large numbers, economic and modular, long-lasting and resistant to seismic movements, movable and recyclable, containers have many advantageous features in architecture. The farsightedness of the project is also found in the production chain, because in the steel machining processes no toxic or acid substances are used, preferring natural traditional methods that respect man and the environment.

The container walls are insulated and carved, hung with spanners, pincers, nails, screwdrivers and many other antique work tools, which stand out due to the contrast with the shiny red metal beneath, showing how artisan traditions of shelves full of tools and rolled up drawings can live in harmony with cutting edge technology.

Mention must be made of the ability of steel to bend its hardness and expressive strength to the craftsman’s desires, who, guided by the designers’ creativity, manages to shape its matter. The final result is a strong contrast between the simple roughness of the metal and the image of the sophisticated design collections, displayed in a workshop built according to the most innovative criteria of sustainability, energy saving and energy self-sufficiency.

A vanguard project, fruit of a fulminating meeting with the thrilling taste of adventure and sharing the same, fascinating journey.

Erica Gaggiato
Acciaio Arte Architettura 54