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A corner of paradise in the heart of Milan

Location: Milano
Designer: Patrizia Pozzi architetto, Milano
Project: Private house
Photos: Studio Pozzi
A house in Milan full of memories and objects to live in touch with nature.

This home was originally the reception office of the old building, built on one floor and connected to the garden outside, but which was used as the store for the apartment block.
It was in a terrible state before the restoration work began, especially the garden which was overgrown, plants all heaped together, with a willow tree, a flowering cherry tree and a liquidambar: these two being practically dead. The renovation project joined the floor below, used as a cellar, and the top floor with the bedrooms and two small terraces.
The creation of the glasshouse that leads from the sitting room to the garden was fundamental, as it gives more light to the room, which also has a view of the garden even during the winter.
The willow was pruned and fertilised and immediately regained life and has grown to now reach the fourth floor.
The house was gutted and from the original small rooms divided by glass and bricks, the ground floor is now open space containing the kitchen, sitting room and dining room.
The owner loves cooking, and the kitchen is a meeting place for all their friends even when she is cooking. It contains a range of rustic furniture, such as an old marble table, and more valuable pieces, old renovated garden chairs and crystal lamps.
Previously the house was entered through the kitchen, but now a small space has been created closed by an iron grating, where the cat Gerry keeps cool during the day.
The garden is a small paradise in the heart of the city: furnished with recovered oak tables, designed by the landscape architect, like the “Margherita” small table and the fake grass pouf, with sprinklers, shells and wood in strange shapes.
The packed bookcases divide the entrance from a small study area, and on the first floor there are the bedrooms and the husband’s study, with small terraces facing onto the garden beneath.
The house reflects its owner’s personality, a landscape architect, and is full of things which apparently are not related to each other but placed together create a very harmonious atmosphere.
A house in Milan full of memories and objects to live in touch with nature.

Marzia Urettini
Acciaio Arte Architettura 56