Patmos Suites

Location: Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD)
Designer: Arch. Sergio Conte, Campodarsego, Pd. Arch. Mauro Rossetto, Marano Lagunare, Udine
Project: Patmos Suites
Work director: Arch. Sergio Conte e Arch. Mauro Rossetto
In cooperation with: Arch. Roberto Sarda, Riccardo Conte
Time of construction: 2012-2013
Steel works: Piave serramenti Srl, San Polo di Piave, Treviso.
Steel profiles: Palladio Spa, Treviso.
Photograph: Andrea Pancino, courtesy of Gatti Project, Treviso
Furniture: Gatti Project, Treviso.
In its composition and formal simplicity, the building stands as a construction of several architectural elements.

The “Patmost Suites” projects was conceived with the idea to create an architectural building which, while being integrated into the current urban fabric of Lignano Sabbiadoro, was more elevated to better exploit its excellent position, at just a few hundred meters from the sea to the east and overlooking the Venetian lagoon to the west.
The predominating presence of glass and steel mean that natural light is able to flow into the building rendering the atmosphere of day and night totally permeable, emphasising the importance of the views. The height of visual expression is given on the top floor from the solarium, with a 360° panorama of the surrounding landscape.
In its composition and formal simplicity, the building stands as a construction of several architectural elements.
The south façade shows the series of six floors, which house the residential units. The strong horizontal lines dictated by the white stringcourses and glazed parapets on the jutting terraces play counterpoint to the solid rigidity of the vertical structure. The stairwell is distinguished by the grey mesh wall of brise-soleil and is set back with respect to the apartment terraces, seemingly an independent body to highlight its function of service for the apartments.
Colour plays an important role in the composition and also defines the use of the various materials.
The red cantilever roof over the small entrance path is recalled in the lightness of the building roof, where the solarium is housed, as if marking the beginning and the end of the composition.
The quality standard of the window and doorframes is exceptional: they are all made using the Tabs ® system in the best AISI 316 stainless steel and are of varying types: opening and fixed, large sliding tilting frames to give access to the solarium terraces.
The interior fittings are all in style with the overall project with functional stainless steel kitchens and large living rooms with panoramic windows.

Marzia Urettini
Acciaio Arte Architettura 56