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View over the domes of St Justine

Location: Padova
Project: Private house
Client: privato /private
Time of construction: 2011-2013
Photographs: Alessandro Di Gaspare
We are in the historic centre of Padua, near to the Church of St Justine whose domes are clearly in view from the turret on the building.

A recovery project has been performed on a 40s villa situated along one of the loveliest tree-lined avenues in the city.
The interiors have been redesigned and drastically changed, revolutionising the series of household rooms to give greater emphasis to the airy luminous interiors. To achieve this, the position of the new stairway grants an uninterrupted view of the full height of the building, from the ground floor through to the attic.
The stairway structure is entirely in steel, with a white painted wood stairway that unwinds like a carpet, up to the first floor.
The guiding thread in the entire project was refinement: in the materials, finishes, design choices and the details for both the interiors and the external terraces and turret.
On entering the apartment, the view opens up to the two different heights which house the living room and kitchen on a slightly raised floor, where the stairs leave from to connect the different levels up to the loft.
The balance between the simple external impression of the building and the newly designed interiors is achieved by avoiding all forms of brash ostentation, rather proposing proudly sophisticated values which are clearly expressed in as an “undertone” in the details, whether it be a certain type of hinge or the join between two perfectly matched materials, or the special finish applied to any of the components.

Marina Cescon
Acciaio Arte Architettura 56