Painting studio

Location: Roma
Designer: Officinaleonardo
Project: Scolamiero painting studio
Client: Vincenzo Scolamiero
Time of construction: 2007
Building firm: Paduraru Works; Rosati Ferro, Blindofer s.r.l.
Measurements: Mq 80
The project site is situated among the ancient medieval towers of Rome, with their long shadows reaching out around them.

In its work, the Officinaleonardo Studio pursues certain specific themes, including the relationship between light and matter, the transparency of space, the introduction of nature into the construction and the formal technological complexity to ensure ecological living, energy self-sufficiency, and the psychological wellbeing of those who live and work in the construction.

This small painting studio where the artist Vincenzo Scolamiero conceives and creates his paintings, which suspended between the figurative and the abstract, was an interesting test bench to focalize the designers’ aims within a limited budget.

The project site is situated among the ancient medieval towers of Rome, with their long shadows reaching out around them. Officinaleonardo had to tackle these shadows, an awkward position for a painting studio although certainly not the only one.

The Roman firm decided to move the focus from natural lighting to the light given off by some of the artist’s canvases and their contrast in relation to the cutting shadows from the towers. Consequently, the shadows have become a crude wall of burnished iron that grips the space spread over two levels in two distinct rooms like a vice. The space has been reorganized and behind a partly concealed series of apertures and flaps, it contains the artist’s bathroom, the racks for storing the canvases, a mini kitchen and a technical room. In the artist’s bathroom a more intimate relationship has been created between the artist and his daily working area, with the idea that the small bathroom breaks are also moments of inspiration, with the beautiful mosaic lined shower inside the cylinder with a view of the antique brick vaults, which have been carefully restored and revealed.

The details of this room are entirely designed, including the washbasin – brush washer and the door handles, we can understand and admire all the deep love of an interior decorator, even with a limited budget and this commitment is not even expected.

In the painting room the mathematic style of Officinaleonardo is clearly seen, where on the hard iron wall a logarithmic test of cubes develops that emerge from the veil and veins of the ferrous oxide, working upwards from the bottom, forming the base to exhibit the completed works or those in progress. Once again the relationship between the chaos of the typical marking of burnished steel and the order of the progressive logarithmic scale of the iron grips, summarise the matrix of architecture.

In the same way the astrophysicist David Bohm claimed that the real solidity of the universe does not exist, so the canvases of Scolamiero show how universes find their completion and synthesis in this wall and where the solidity of matter seems to dissolve in cosmic space.

Marzia Urettini
Acciaio Arte Architettura 58