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Sliding House

Location: Camponogara (Venezia) - (Venice)
Designer: 3ndy Studio
Project: Casa privata / Private house
Cantiere / Construction period: 2013-2014
Superficie calpestabile / Net floor area: 350 mq
Impresa / Building firm: Bertiato Geom. Gianluca s.r.l.
Serramenti / Windows and doors frames: Lafa snc, Maerne di Martellago (VE)
Profili per serramenti in acciaio / Steel profiles : Palladio Spa, San Biagio (TV)
Fotografo / Photographer: Alessandro Lazzari, Daniele Nordio
The villa raises in the boundary line between country and the urban center, in a no longer agricultural area but not yet seen as residential.

The villa raises in the boundary line between country and the urban center, in a no longer agricultural area but not yet seen as residential. This type of urban situation is more and more popular and drives us to rethink the limits of the urban center of the small town in Veneto. The decline of this area is often due to architecture and town planning, which encourage the replication of buildings with no design and identity, which are not as good looking as old farmer houses, buildings tightly linked to our origins and crafts, and the older building typical of this area. 3ndy Studio took the opportunity to project in this marginal area by using character and critical sense, and by choosing to tell the truth about what we are nowadays.

This house is an home to live. The places are projected in order to be comfortable and livable without renouncing to a clean and fine design style for the contemporary architecture.

The villa is made up of two architectural volumes, one of them is rectangular and makes a L with the other trapezoidal volume, which assures a correct solar exposition for the most lived-in rooms. The large living room with the kitchen is at the lower floor and creates an only open space which is opened towards south-west through big windows, on the other side the services zone is set on the north. The windows southward face a shelter covered by a sliding curtain. The volumes are characterized by sticking out parts, made of natural covering materials.

The main facade that faces the street is characterized by the contrast of light cuts into the texture of lava rock, which at night become “tears of light” crashing on the floor, and drop down to get lost on the ground. A clever game of led lights, created especially for this project.

The artistic design of 3ndy Studio is also recognized in the flaking of the stone wall in the main entrance of the house, a sculptural treatment reported on an architectural scale.

The main strength of the villa are the custom made and painted steel windows. The choice fell on this material because it fits perfectly with the contemporary and minimalist design of the villa. The result is excellent: clean lines of the windows and their extreme quality in terms of energy saving, give an added value both aesthetically and performance to the building.

Di / By Valentina Favaretto


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