Team Go&Fun Honda Gresini welcome Palladio Palladio to MotoGP

Palladio SpA and Team Go&Fun Honda Gresini are proud to announce a new collaboration in the 2013 MotoGP World Championship. An agreement signed in the company’s headquarters in Treviso in December between Palladio’s directors and Fausto Gresini will see Palladio SpA become one of the team’s official sponsors, with their logos to be visible on the leathers of both Alvaro Bautista and Bryan Staring as well as in the team hospitality, which will also contain information about the company’s activities and products. For the past 20 years Palladio SpA has been a market leader in the development of systems for stainless steel and zinc-coated doors and windows.

Leonardo Valente (Palladio Spa CEO) “Through this sponsorship agreement Palladio is able to extend its brand image overseas and establish itself in the international market, as well as associating itself with the world of sport and all the positive values this represents. The importance of teamwork and continual technological research are cornerstones of development here at Palladio®, where we work alongside architects and project managers to create avant-garde products – from thermo-acoustic isolation to anti-break security and anti-flood protection – that are extremely personal, professional and aesthetically pleasing.”

Fausto Gresini (Team Manager Go & Fun Honda Gresini) “It is always an important moment to welcome a new sponsor on board, especially when an established company like Palladio opts to collaborate with Team Go&Fun Honda Gresini in order to develop its brand in specific overseas markets. We are looking forward to enjoying some exciting times to come with them in the future and sharing the passion for technology and professionalism that we have in common.”

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