Acciaio Arte Architettura is a technical magazine that was created twelve years ago, not as a ploy for indiscriminate publicity or advertising but with a precise aim: spread the culture of steel, with information about its physical and mechanical properties and where it can be used.

It was a shame to see how Italy had remained anchored in the past with the traditional techniques and materials while in many other European countries architecture meant innovation, courage and lightness thanks to steel

Since then other magazines have begun, more or less independent, with a much broader outlook and the culture of steel has gradually begun to spread.

The knowledge of steel is still lacking in the field of window and doorframes though, despite the fact that it is here where steel, with glass, shows its best side

Incomparable strength to loads and to twisting forces, one of the lowest thermal transmittance coefficients, excellent resistance to break-in and corrosion all make it the ideal choice to make doors, windows, curtain walls and glazed roofs.

Steel and glass architecture: safe, lightweight, transparent, bright and eternal.

Acciaio Arte Architettura is published quarterly with at least 6000 copies printed. Each number is addressed to a selected database of architects and professionals who are all active in the field.

We are proud to boast the leading Italian design studios among our readers and collaborators, who have granted us numerous honours for our passion, informed approach and attention to details that we have shown in our publishing years.

The magazine is available by postal subscription, in specialised bookshops and the main newsstands in the provincial capitals.