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In the olive grove

Location: Morciano di Leuca (LE)
Designer: Luca Zanaroli Architect
Steel window profiles: Palladio Spa
Photography: Luca Zanaroli
The land where the new building stands is surrounded by beautiful hundreds of years old olive trees

and the architect wanted to maintain the view of the location unchanged respecting its true nature, with no replanting or removal of the trees, which would have altered the overall chromatic effect.
To achieve this, the introduction of the building had to be carefully studied, first and foremost the position (not even one tree was removed or replanted to enable building it) which, however, was not decisive for the harmonious relationship with its surroundings.
To reduce the impact of the new building the architect also played with the volumes and materials: on one hand working to decompose and subtract by dismantling the overall complex into a number of blocks containing the functional rooms in the house (inside and outside), which were reassembled to offer the most efficient use and balanced relationship with each other. On the other hand, the single constructions are built with traditional, local materials obtained from the dig to make the swimming pool, used to clad the outsides of the walls, with white lime mortar to give distinction to the simple minimalist buildings inside and out. Like a box in a box where the outer shell acts as the link with the setting (the stones are purposely left “dirtied” by the soil they were extracted from), enclosing a contemporary style volume but which is not closed, rather open to constant dialogue with the surrounding landscape, with large windows offering a panoramic view, enhancing the specific natural features of the landscape by means of total integration and blending between the interiors and exteriors. This is achieved by the use of steel for the frames, with large sliding opening frames of black painted steel sections and large windows with a view of the swimming pool and vegetation, which provide both harmony and security to the building.
The walls are of built of dry laid stones like the traditional local walls around the fields, and they also offer heat regulation for the building. In fact, the mass and airspace between the stones create an excellent insulation layer for the sunny sides facing south and west and help guarantee the perfect living comfort inside.
Natural and local materials are used, like Cursi stone for the outside flooring, wood for the swimming pool solarium, steel for the frames, lime mortar for the plastering, inside walls and bathroom cladding.

Marzia Urettini
Acciaio Arte Architettura 56