Architecture – Sculpture – Architecture

Designer: Laura Castagno
Project: Sculptures
Laura Castagno, architect, has extended her interests to linguistics and semiotics to try and understand the structure with respect to the possibility of shared design.

She then became more committed to art, which, initially, when her work was closer to architectural research, seemed to represent a freer space for reflection. She developed her experience with works that create spaces, settings in nature or inside other buildings.
She uses industrial production elements in her work, giving them a new identity as her protagonists.
Electro-welded netting, narrow metal pipes, methacrylic strips cut from coloured sheets, are all semi-processed industrial products of a mass production quality, with a quality level that only an industrialised process can give.
She observes and analyses them, and then reveals them as elements with a new spatial presence.
If they are carefully observed, without considering their value as cheap transformation process products, one can discover the wonderful qualities that can only be achieved with an industrial process.
A low-cost easily found steel pipe, would not be possible outside an industrialised context at any price.
Laura Castagno takes nothing for granted in her works, and she first of all teaches how to look at them with certain knowledge, showing us things we are unable to see, encouraging our amazement when looking at such perfect objects. She then goes further however beyond the object, changing key and working with the dimensions and relationships, space, time, reiteration, with those changes that can take place, beginning with the primary laws such as the force of gravity.
Nor does she overlook the changes that are given by the transformation processes, oxidation, deformation, which are considered an enhancement for perception with respect to lucidity.
Her works have a visible consistency, they are rich to perceive and they could never be considered as finished, because their essence is the law of their creation, which is never-ending, each moment is a fraction of life that is constantly changing due to the phenomena that surround it.
Linear elements of a certain number and size, the natural colour of the material or any other colour chosen freely, are discovered in a new role, and enable Laura Castagno to work in space, and that space becomes an integrative part of her works that become scenes that can be passed through.
Her works have been designed for different locations, natural outdoors or inside buildings: the setting for the work and the industrial semi-processed products she uses in her new interpretation, become the substantial elements for her future work.
She has different ways of working, and the rules she follows are clearly defined and respected for each work, and they represent the structure of the work. Once the score has been written, she adds nothing more, and pays special attention to identifying and controlling the interactions that can take place inside, either architectural or natural space, or the relationship with the surface of a sheet of paper.
Her works are never finished because even the concluded work continues to change; the force of gravity creates alterations with respect to the weight of the single components and the position of the anchoring points; the wind or visitors cause movements; the effect of natural or artificial light causes continuous variations; some elements show signs of the changes to their substance right from the start, such as oxidation, which is accepted and related to other parts, and is perceived and helps create the dialogue.
The work continues to grow, showing itself and changing and always waiting.

Gianfranco Cavaglià

Acciaio Arte Architettura 50